Installation Services

Mechanical unit being lowered by a craneEMCOR Services Northeast’s registered professional engineers provide complete construction design-build services. Also, our unique approach allows us to offer added value to traditional projects through design assistance.

Key attributes of our installation services include:

Compressed Timeframe –We are able to quickly take a project from conceptual design to completion by eliminating overlap and redundancy. We do this by taking a critical path approach to our projects. This often means that long lead time items are released early, and preconstruction work started concurrent with the final design process.

Results Driven – We approach a project with the final “deliverable” in mind, whether it be an energy efficiency target, a comfort constraint, or a capacity requirement. This eliminates gaps between design documents and the end result and allows our clients to focus on running their business.

Mission Critical – We are adept at managing construction projects within an operating facility, particularly critical spaces such as manufacturing clean rooms and data centers. In fact, we routinely replace entire facility systems without disrupting the work in progress.

Serviceability – We perform all of our projects with an experienced eye towards reliability and serviceability.  Our company’s foundation is based on HVAC service, so we understand that the best design and highest quality installation is of little importance if the equipment cannot be readily maintained.

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