Ben Gareau

Ben Gareau

Safety Manager

Value Delivered

Ben is responsible for overseeing the safety of EMCOR Services Northeast’s workforce. In his role, he creates and reviews safe work plans, writes job hazard analyses, and helps ensure that service technicians and pipefitters work safely and productively. 

Ben holds quarterly safety meetings with the full staff and daily safety reviews on individual job sites, as well as being responsible for the distribution of the weekly “Call Em’ Alls” and the toolbox talks delivered by phone. He also plays a big role in handling workers compensation and vehicle claims.


Ben holds a degree in safety and occupational health applied science from Keene State College. In addition, he carries numerous environmental and safety-related certifications, most recently completing the 3M Fall Protection Training class in Red Wing, MN.

The Personal Side

In his spare time, Ben enjoys spending time with family and friends. He is also an avid Boston sports fan.