boston, ma

Massachusetts Historical Society

Optimizing existing system operations helped our customer save significant money on energy and operational costs, while improving occupant comfort.

Massachusetts Historical Society

Value Delivered

Because of EMCOR Services Northeast’s (ES Northeast) extensive experience in providing clients with tightly integrated, centralized operational controls, we were selected by the Massachusetts Historical Society to improve its mechanical systems and controls in order to help in the preservation of its collection.

The work provided by our team significantly reduced the building’s energy consumption and operating costs, as well as improved occupant comfort while keeping the collection properly preserved for many years to come.

Client Objectives

The Society’s top priority was to repair and retro-commission the mechanical systems to improve comfort levels, preserve their collections, and optimize the performance of the building. In addition, portions of the building had been experiencing mechanical system and controls problems that needed to be addressed.


The building’s 25,000 square feet of mixed-use space includes museum, library, and office space, and there were specific requirements for each area given the sensitive nature of the artifacts and documents in the building. 

ES Northeast’s scope of work included retro-commissioning existing equipment:

  • Fan coils
  • Direct evaporative cooling
  • Economizers
  • Humidity controls
  • Chillers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Air handlers
  • Circulation pumps
  • Exhaust fans

Client Background

The Massachusetts Historical Society is a research library and manuscript repository specializing in early American, Massachusetts, and New England history. Established in 1791, it is the oldest historical society in the United States.