Confidential Non-Profit Healthcare Provider

Our team worked nights and weekends for three years to replace an outdated building controls system that threatened critical pieces of our customer’s infrastructure.

Confidential Non-Profit Healthcare Provider wiring

Value Delivered

EMCOR Services Northeast (ES Northeast) upgraded the out-of-date proprietary controls system in two large buildings on this healthcare campus. We provided these services in occupied spaces with over 2,100 employees with zero reported complaints.

Benefits of the new system include:

  • Lowered energy costs by 21.8 percent
  • Reduced overall facilities spend by $425,000 annually
  • Reduced overall run times on mechanical equipment consisting of 2,500+ tons of mechanical cooling and 20,000,000+ BTU’s of heating
  • Overall building comfort was improved

Client Objectives

Our client was focused on improving energy efficiency in two of their larger properties, totaling 648,000 square feet. They had a proprietary controls system that required costly upgrades and had flaws in the hardware and software programming. These flaws increased the overall risk to critical pieces of their infrastructure, including data center operations, so it was imperative that they make a change.


ES Northeast designed a two-phase project. Building 1 was the first phase of the project and Building 2 was the second phase. The project team included 25 ES Northeast controls technicians and 10 electricians from one of our preferred vendors working on-site during nights and weekends.

Services provided include:

  • Replacement of all building management system controllers
  • Ran multiple building automation and control network (BACnet) communication buses
  • Replacement or retrofit of equipment control panels
  • Creation of precise network infrastructure drawings for both buildings
  • Engineered new sequences of operation to increase system performance
  • Installed a dedicated building automation system (BAS) ethernet network to avoid customer IP conflicts, and worked with the customer’s IT team to integrate that network into the facility while ensuring security protocols were met 
  • Performed integration- and sequence-tuning of multiple large custom rooftop units with water cooled screw compressors and built-in multistage gas burners
  • Trained customer’s technicians on building operations and communicated overall project goals

Client Background

Our client is a non-profit healthcare company.