Boston, ma

Confidential Teaching and Research Hospital

Upgraded refrigeration systems allowed this hospital to phase out environmentally dangerous refrigerants and prevent spoilage of the contents.

Confidential Teaching and Research Hospital upgraded refrigeration system

Value Delivered

To assist the hospital with protecting valuable assets, EMCOR Services Northeast (ES Northeast) has been servicing, maintaining, rebuilding, and replacing over 200 of their research boxes (also known as environmental boxes or chambers) since 2004. These include walk-in cold and warm rooms, freezers, and ultra-low freezers.

For this project, we upgraded approximately 30 of their cold storage boxes, helping to provide better temperature control and phase in preferred refrigerants.

Client Objectives

The hospital needed to upgrade their cold storage boxes to help ensure reliable performance and maintain a very small temperature range so products in storage would not spoil. They also wanted up-to-date technology to run their boxes, easier access to the condensing units for service, and to phase out environmentally unfriendly refrigerants.


ES Northeast:

  • Provided new evaporators and condensing units that used environmentally friendly refrigerants
  • Re-piped all the refrigerant piping to relocate the condensing units to a remote location where they could be serviced
  • Performed design-build services using our automation and engineering expertise to upgrade controls to digital data controls and build new control panels
  • Provided better box temperature controls
  • Provided digital temperature readings with up to one year of data storage
  • Eliminated the need for weekly temperature charts that did not provide the same clarity and accuracy as the digital panel

Client Background

The facility is a large teaching and research hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to the research boxes, we also maintain all their specialty cooling systems for their telecommunications equipment and process chillers that cool their sensitive medical equipment.