Boston, ma

Leading Medical School and Medical Center

Our maintenance and service team worked with the hospital to plan and budget for long-term equipment maintenance and replacement.

Leading Medical School and Medical Center mechanical equipment

Value Delivered

For this major medical research center, EMCOR Services Northeast (ES Northeast) was chosen to manage a new HVAC maintenance contract that expanded on existing maintenance services we were already providing across multiple buildings. 

As part of the contract expansion, our customer will continue enjoying benefits such as:

  • Organized, streamlined billing
  • Detailed service reports
  • Transparent pricing
  • Dedicated service teams
  • Emergency on-call and preventive maintenance

Client Objectives

To contract with a reliable maintenance service provider for the five buildings on their campus housing biotech, medical science, and specialty laboratories.


Within this HVAC maintenance contract expansion, ES Northeast will:

  • Help correct existing issues within each building’s infrastructure
  • Assist with budgeting for long-term equipment replacement
  • Engineer systems that will help achieve energy savings, while staying compliant with existing lab specifications
  • Service and repair large capacity chillers, cooling towers, air handling units, boilers, and pumps
  • Provide expert maintenance of very complex, critical load systems

Client Background

This public medical school provides research in the fields of cancer, molecular genetics, neurobiology, chemical biology, and immunology.