Lowell, ma

Lowell General Hospital

User-friendly graphics and remote monitoring of the central cooling plant provide ease of use for the maintenance staff.

Lowell General Hospital

Value Delivered

Combining advanced systems expertise and extensive experience in the healthcare industry, EMCOR Services Northeast’s automation group was selected by Lowell General Hospital to replace their central cooling plant and provide the system necessary for automation of plant operations. 

The system replacement significantly reduced the building’s energy expenditures and operating costs, and the building’s overall airflow was improved, along with the comfort of the patients and staff.

Client Objectives

Lowell General Hospital’s top priority was to replace the existing central cooling plant with a system that would reduce overall operating costs and energy consumption. The upgraded plant would also optimize performance and maintain a consistent, comfortable environment for all staff and patients.


Our team installed and managed a 5,100-ton central cooling plant serving the critical cooling system of the hospital. The central cooling plant automation system automates the operation of three chillers, nine pumps, six cooling tower cells, and other critical plant equipment. User-friendly front-end graphics and a remote monitoring graphical display offer ease of use for the hospital facilities staff. 

Client Background

Lowell General Hospital is a not-for-profit hospital serving the Greater Lowell area in Massachusetts.